Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma

The President

Welcome to the Indo Latin American Chamber of Commerce, ILACC, New Delhi, India.

I am honored and excited to be the Founder President & CEO of the Indo Latin American Chamber of Commerce, ILACC and to serve as chairman of Governing Council. It is an exciting time to be in business between India and Latin American Nations. The kind of growth, this region has experienced over the past several years, has been tremendous. ILACC will continue to be the voice of business between India and  Latin American & Caribbean countries.

Chamber will strengthen and unite the business community that supersedes jurisdictional lines such as transportation, education, workforce and economic opportunity. It is our pledge to offer expended value and opportunities to our members. The chamber role is significant and its responsibilities are substantial. ILACC is proud to be a vibrant & active organization that strives to represent the business need with government and provide marketing & network opportunities to our members.

I hereby encourage you to use ILACC platform, as a means of developing a relationship and participating in the dialogue on the priority issues concerning your businesses. This is not just a place for one person from your company but is a place for everyone in your business. Also, suggest you use the most of the services offered on ILACC platform. ILACC stands to promote the values and interest of the business community, we hope you would benefit while using it as a reference while looking for goods & services as well as a frequent stop to obtain new information and our consultancies.

AS the president and CEO of ILACC I am happy to say, we will continue to strive to offer you the best of our experience and stand behind our members to help their business flourish. It would be our pleasure to welcome new members to our chamber. We would deeply appreciate your participation.

I look forward to working with you and would ensure that ILACC offers you one of the best places in the nation to do and grow your business.

Sincerely yours,

Raj Kumar Sharma.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: +91 8826781004