Travel & Tourism

Manoj Bhadola
Business Head

Manoj Bhadola is  having a quality and varied experience across well-known industries like Tourism, Hospitality, Arts and Culture interchange across countries with an specialisation in business development, business analysis, support, marketing strategy, solutions and successful project execution. He has provided his services to numerous multinational companies in the area Tourism, Conferences, Packaged tours, Trainings, specialized hospitality services. He has a sagacious perspective towards finding and addressing the tailor-made solutions. He helped professionally in development of Business Tie-ups, Vendors and sellers. Served as a professional business advisor for many organisations. He is personally associated with Rotary International since last many years and has served Rotary for various society needs like Polio, Blood Donations, Literacy, Good Touch & Bad Touch in many schools, Information and Cultural Interchange across various countries etc.