International Education Division

ILACC is proud to inform the trade that we have opened our international education division to assist young students.


Panamericana University

We have been authorized by Universidad Panamerican (Panamericana University) to conduct negotiations with legal entities and physical persons aimed for recruiting students for higher studies in BBA, MBA, Medical Education, and Film School Diploma in the Pan Americana University, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Know more.

Why Costa Rica?

  • Costa Rica enjoys one of the highest human development indexes in the world
  • 100% of the population has access to the healthcare system
  • Costa Rica will be the first carbon-neutral country in the world by 2021
  • There are over 3 million annual tourists, with over 2 million from North America
  • In 2017, Costa Rica was ranked amongst the top 4 countries with the best global healthcare
  • In 2016, 60,000 tourists chose Costa Rica for the performance of a variety of medical procedures
  • Costa Rica is constantly ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world

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