Grand India Sourcing Fair – Peru 2018

For event booking, contact:

Ravi and Divya
Landlines: 011-4912 0292, 2335 1542/43
Cell and WhatsApp: +91 98110 59258

Event details

Dates 22-27 November 2018
Venue Mall Jockey Plaza

Exhibition area
Size of exhibition 975 sq. mts + parking
Booking starts from 1 August 2018
Booking ends on 21 August 2018
Stand size Minimum area of 9 sq meters
Stand price US$250 per sq meter
Shipment booking with a GST-paid invoice only as per the export tax Indian government regulations
Deadline for shipment 1 September 2018
Deadline for payment 12 October 2018
Payment details A minimum of 40% while booking, and 5% discount for full payment during booking
Date of invitation document Within 45-60 days of the event
Customs duty
  • Most items are subject to a 14% customs duty + IGV 16%
  • A VAT of 18% is applicable
The economy of Peru Peru is ranked as a high-income economy by the World Bank

  • GDP: US$192 billion
  • Per capita income: US$6,121
  • GDP growth: ~3.3%
Nature of the show Business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-consumers (B2C)
Package of services Fully-furnished booths (10 sq meters and multiples of 2.5 thereof) with display aids, lighting, carpet, and furniture